Rebekah Zaveloff, CKD

Co-Founder + Director of Design

Rebekah is a certified kitchen designer, a contributor at Houzz, and mother to particularly precocious toddler that thinks she knows everything and can fix anything. Rebekah studied art from elementary school through college. Her design work is highly influenced by her background in fine art, most notably her collage work.  Rebekah worked in various media, including painting, printmaking, mixed-media sculpture and then finished in photography and experimental film – the last part led her to start her career working in set design for film and television.  “My (art) work was always very process oriented – 7-15 steps to get an image down on canvas. I came to realize that my interior design work is the same and that I’d be more likely to use words that explain process over style when describing the work we do. And the process is what makes a space have depth. I don’t like rules…no, that’s not true, I like breaking rules, but I feel very strongly about reasons things work or don’t work.”


Rebekah is extremely grateful for what seemed a liability at the time – an unwillingness to commit to a specific media led her to the ultimate 3D mixed media canvas in the form of interior design. During her years as an art student, Rebekah worked in restaurants as a waitress where she met her husband and business partner, Nick, and she thinks that it’s no coincidence she found her niche in kitchen design. Rebekah and Nick see themselves as being in the hospitality business to this day. “It’s all about creating spaces that people want to linger in…our client’s want their friends and family to want to come over and hang out. Just like a great restaurant or hotel, it’s not just about the good food or the great décor, you can have both of those things and have a completely flat, unremarkable experience. I’m interested in what makes an experience memorable – the energy, the lighting, the music, the comfort of a chair and the smell of the food or the way the doors open to the garden. It’s about feeling truly welcome when you come into someone’s home and that feeling is amazing and it’s something a person never forgets.”


In addition to art and food, travel is also enormously important to Rebekah and Nick. “Being a guest in other people’s homes really teaches you how to be a good host. Experiencing how other people live, how they gather at the table for dinner, teaches us to appreciate that not everyone does it one way. Getting out of your comfort zone and getting a perspective are critical parts of the creative process – especially when it comes to design because it engages all the senses.”   Rebekah’s passion for food, wine, art, and design, combined with her collaborative style and the natural inclination for taking care of people create a synergy that influences the work she does at KitchenLab. She works closely with people to create spaces tailored to each client’s needs, tastes, and budget, always offering unpredictable and unexpected ideas. Rebekah’s studies include University of California, Los Angeles, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Harrington Institute of Interior Design.