John “Nick” Nichols

Co-Founder, CFO + Operations

Nick is the child of parents with wanderlust and spent his childhood years travelling extensively with his parents and sisters, including an epic year living in the ‘Bedford Bedouin’, a motorized camper, travelling throughout Europe. Winter found them trying to find someplace warm and living in above a stable in a tiny village on the Greek Island of Crete.  Nick credits travel and constant change as being a barometer in his life as well as honing his love of culture and food. This ultimately led to a post collegiate career in the hospitality industry which ultimately led to him meeting Rebekah in a restaurant in which he was a partner. This led to collaborating on the design of a brick three flat in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood; naturally, marriage and the formation of KitchenLab soon followed. Nick and Rebekah had a mutual love affair with a farmhouse in Michigan which led to a multi-year renovation, Nick carried out much of the work on his own. In spite of this, the marriage survived and partnership continued to thrive. Nick misses the restaurant business (but not the hours) and takes his solace as a passionate home cook and host, foodie and oenophile. He finds it baffling that Hannah, the couple’s daughter, does not like butter. Nick enjoys his multiple roles at Kitchenlab, dividing his time between CFO, office manager, project manager, and Minister of Magical Objects.