Kate Mihelitch

Lead Designer

Kate joined KitchenLab Interiors in 2015, and immediately became invaluable to our team. Kate sweats the details, while maintaining a perspective on the whole project. She is invested in each design decision and works closely with clients to develop and realize their vision. Her taste is classic and understated, but she isn’t afraid of making bold choices, mixing pattern and texture, and has an eye for well-made items. Kate’s measured approach ensures that details won’t slip through the cracks, and she’ll gently bring clients back to the narrative when they stray. Kate possesses a rare ability to shift from right to left brain tasks, moving effortlessly between the language of design and project management. She speaks fluent construction and knows what is involved in running a remodeling project from design phase through completion. She loves that each new space brings a new and exciting challenge to the table.

Kate was born and raised in northern California and studied design at the University of California, Davis where she discovered her love for the challenges of problem solving.  While planning her move and researching Chicago design firms from California, Kate discovered KitchenLab.  “I was immediately drawn to KitchenLab’s ability to make every space feel natural, storied, and fresh, all while keeping the client’s needs at the center of the design.”  She couldn’t be happier that it all worked out and now calls KitchenLab Interiors and Chicago her home.