Kate Mihelitch


Kate was born and raised in northern California.  While growing up, she was given the incredible gift of travel at a young age. “I was fortunate enough to travel to France, Italy, and England as well as Tanzania all before I went to college. I also had the opportunity to do relief work in Haiti after the earthquake.”  These experiences helped to shape her awareness of how people use their living spaces and this made an incredible impact on her life, how she sees the world, and on her design aesthetic. Kate studied design at the University of California, Davis and began to love the challenges of problem solving.  She enjoys that each new space brings a new and exciting challenge to the drafting table. After college, Kate worked for a custom lighting manufacturer designing custom light fixtures, as well as for a kitchen and bath showroom. While planning her move and researching Chicago design firms from California, Kate discovered KitchenLab.  “I was immediately drawn to KitchenLab’s ability to make every space feel natural, storied, and fresh, all while keeping the client’s needs at the center of the design.”  She couldn’t be happier that it all worked out and now calls KitchenLab and Chicago her home.