Katherine Grace Andrejevic

Associate Designer

Katherine joined KitchenLab Interiors in 2017, but since the day she started it’s like she’s always been a part of the team – a testament to her outgoing and energetic nature. Katherine began her career in real estate before transitioning into interior design. “Seeing the potential in what homes could be inspired me to do residential design, even though I originally dreamed of focusing on restaurant design.” Whether she’s talking faucets or rugs, Katherine’s enthusiasm and passion for design comes through in every client meeting. She isn’t afraid of color or pattern, but also loves a classic black and brass combo. She has a great eye for what works together and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Katherine’s realtor eye is of great help during the project management phase where mistakes need to be caught and fixed in a timely manner, and she’s well-versed in working with contractors in the field whether it’s solving problems or managing deliveries and installations.   Katherine can confidently navigate the showrooms of the Chicago Merchandise Mart as easily as hunting for the perfect piece in a vintage store.

Katherine grew up in the Hinsdale suburb of Chicago, and developed a love for interior design going with her father to homes he was building. “I’m fascinated with creating functional/living art. I love interior design because it combines creative and technical skills.”  Kat has real chutzpah and “applied” to KitchenLab by reaching out through Instagram. Now, in addition to her other roles, she helps to manage KitchenLab Interiors social media profiles.