Julie Zaveloff

Director of Research, Marketing + Social Media

Julie’s contribution to the KitchenLab team can’t be overlooked. Literally. She’s responsible for the company’s entire public presence – our logo, website, marketing materials, etc…  Julie has an incredible instinct for what looks good, which is elevated by her rigorous research and analysis of the subject at hand. After studying film at both Columbia College and the University of Kansas, Julie got her masters in Library and Information Science from Kent State in Ohio. Julie rounds out the team at KitchenLab, bringing to the table her background in research, organization, photography, graphic design and random pop culture knowledge. Rebekah begged and bribed her sister to join KitchenLab Design part-time in 2013 as the company’s image/marketing/design bouncing board/social media avatar.

“Our mother may not have taught us how to cook, but she certainly passed on her love of style and design.  And I blame Rebekah for instilling in me the need to completely reorganize my living conditions every 2-3 months. Being sisters gives us a unique level of trust and respect and makes what I do for KitchenLab, not only easier, but so much more enjoyable.”